Selection of Diesel Generators (DG Sets)

Selection of Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators are used as primary source of energy or as a back up when grid power is not available.

Diesel Generator consist of the following major parts.

  • Diesel Engine and accessories
  • Fuel Storage
  • AC Generator also called as an Alternator
  • Control System and Switch Gears

Gensets are available for capacities from 8 kVA to 2500 kVA

Diesel Generator Sizing

Determine the Total connected Load in kW
Multiply with the diversity factor to get the maximum demand in kW
Assuming the maximum demand to happen at 70% loading of the genset, we can calculate the Rating as maximum demand รท 0.7
Dividing the Rated kW with 0.8 which is the assumed power factor, we get the kVA rating for the DG Set.

Single large DG set is a choice over 2 or more small DG sets running in parallel due to lower installation and maintenance cost, space consideration etc., where as dividing the full capacity to 2 or more smaller DG sets will have advantage of operating each of them at their best efficiency points. These are all points to be kept in mind for making a comparison before entering to a deal.


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